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Who can become an Irish citizen?

My parents were both born in Great Britain and so was I. Am I entitled to Irish citizenship based on my Irish grandparents?

Yes, you are entitled to Irish citizenship by descent if any of your grandparents was born in Ireland, but you must first register your birth in the Foreign Births Register.

I am a US citizen but my mother was born in Galway. I know that I can apply for an Irish passport, but do I have to renounce US citizenship to become an Irish citizen?

No. considering that your mom become born in ireland, you are already an Irish citizen through descent, whether or not you have an Irish passport or now not. The Irish government does now not require you to renounce your US citizenship whilst exercise your proper to apply for an Irish passport.

My girlfriend and I are both Chinese citizens. We have been working in Ireland since early 2012 on work permits, and we had a baby boy late in 2015. Is the baby entitled to Irish citizenship?

yes. As you’ve got been legally resident in ireland for three of the four years previous to the birth of your child, you’ll be considered to have had a actual hyperlink to ireland, and the child might be entitled to Irish citizenship.

I am a British citizen whose parents were born in Ireland. If I apply for an Irish passport, will I have to give up my British citizenship?

No. in case you are an Irish citizen, you could hold twin citizenship, that is, citizenship of another usa. British residents are also allowed to preserve twin citizenship. which means that you do no longer have to renounce your British citizenship whilst you observe for an Irish passport.

I am Indian, and have been living and working in Wexford on a series of work permits for the last 4 years. When I will be eligible to apply for naturalisation?

when you have lived within the state for a total of 5 out of the ultimate 9 years, inclusive of the remaining full 12 months earlier than the date of software, you will be eligible to use for naturalisation.

Can I become an Irish citizen through naturalisation after 2 years here as a language school student? I am Chinese.

No. You want to have as a minimum 5 years “reckonable residence” within the kingdom to be taken into consideration for naturalisation, or at the least 3 years in case you are married to an Irish citizen. also, time spent here on a scholar visa does now not depend at all for “reckonable residence”, so your “reckonable house” is zero.

I’m an Australian citizen and have been legally resident in Ireland since 2010. In 2012 I married an Irish citizen. Can I now apply for Irish citizenship?

sure. As you’ve got been married to an Irish citizen for over three years, and feature sufficient “reckonable residence” inside the island of ireland, you can apply to become an Irish citizen through marriage.

I am an Irish citizen, living in Wales with my South African partner. We are getting married and intend to continue living in Wales. Does my new husband automatically become an Irish citizen?

No. you will have to be married for at least three years, and you will have to be living as a married couple in the island of eire for at the least three years additionally.

I am a British citizen with a British passport. I am originally from Nepal and have been living in Northern Ireland for 4 years. Can I become an Irish citizen?

No, unless you’re applying because the partner of an Irish citizen to whom you’ve got been married for three years. To come to be an Irish citizen via naturalisation you would ought to be residing inside the Irish state for at the least 5 out of the final nine years.

I am French, married to an Irishman and living in Ireland for 8 years. If I become an Irish citizen, can also keep my French citizenship?

The Irish authorities does no longer require you to renounce your French citizenship on becoming an Irish citizen.

Can a Russian woman, with an Irish citizen child, (now living in Russia) receive Irish citizenship?

No. She has no entitlement to Irish citizenship on the basis of her child’s citizenship.

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