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Understand permanent resident status

permanent residents (PRs) of Canada should deliver and present their legitimate PR card or permanent resident tour record (PRTD) while boarding a flight to Canada, or traveling to Canada on every other business service. if you do now not carry your PR card or PRTD, you can not be able to board your flight, educate, bus or boat to Canada.

it’s far your responsibility to make sure that your PR card is still legitimate while you go back from journey outdoor Canada, and to apply for a brand new PR card while your modern-day card expires. if your PR card expires, it does not mean you have got lost permanent resident reputation.

A everlasting resident is a person who has been given everlasting resident reputation by means of immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. everlasting residents are citizens of other international locations.

someone in Canada temporarily, like a student or overseas employee, isn’t always a permanent resident.

Refugees who’re resettled from distant places emerge as permanent citizens thru the authorities-Assisted Refugee application or the personal Sponsorship of Refugees program.

a person who makes a refugee claim in Canada does no longer become a everlasting resident at that point. To turn out to be one, the Immigration and Refugee Board should first approve their claim. Then, they must observe for and get permanent resident status.

The permanent resident (PR) card

Your PR card can be used to expose that you have permanent resident popularity in Canada. in case you journey outside Canada, you’ll want to show your card and your passport while you come lower back on a business automobile, like an plane, boat, educate or bus.

PRs touring out of doors Canada who do not have a valid PR card, or who aren’t sporting it, need to apply for a everlasting resident journey file before returning to Canada with the aid of business vehicle.

What permanent residents can do

As a everlasting resident, you have got the right to:

get most social blessings that Canadian citizens receive, including health care insurance,
live, work or examine everywhere in Canada,
observe for Canadian citizenship,
safety under Canadian law and the Canadian constitution of Rights and Freedoms.
You must pay taxes and appreciate all Canadian laws on the federal, provincial and municipal ranges.

What permanent residents cannot do

You are not allowed to:

vote or run for political office,
keep some jobs that want a high-degree security clearance.
Time spent dwelling in Canada
when you are a permanent resident, you could stay outdoor of Canada, however ought to stay in Canada for as a minimum years in a five-year length. if you stay outdoor of Canada for longer, you may lose your permanent resident popularity.

For more information on how long you have to live in Canada, see Appendix A: Residency responsibility of the PR card application package deal.

travel journal
document your trips outside Canada. it will assist you fill out your software.

dropping your everlasting resident fame
You don’t lose your permanent resident repute whilst your PR card expires. you can best lose your popularity if you go through an respectable procedure.

Losing your permanent resident status

an adjudicator determines you are now not a permanent resident after an inquiry or PRTD appeal;
you voluntarily surrender your everlasting resident reputation;
a elimination order is made against you and comes into force; or
you come to be a Canadian citizen.
Even in case you do not meet the residency duty, you are still a PR until an authentic selection is made on your repute.

learn how to avoid journey delays in case you aren’t positive of your status.

Voluntarily giving up (renouncing) permanent resident status

losing your everlasting resident reputation does not appear mechanically.

There may come a time whilst you not want to be a everlasting resident of Canada. if so, you can practice to voluntarily give up (resign) your everlasting resident popularity.

as an example, in case you:

recognise you have not met your residency responsibilities by being outdoor of Canada for a long period of time, and
would really like to go to Canada, and
do now not want to look ahead to a visa officer to do a proper evaluation of your permanent resident reputation

would really like to keep away from processing delays on the Port of entry
you could now not be capable of input Canada until your everlasting resident popularity is resolved both through receiving a permanent resident tour document or through voluntarily giving up your permanent resident popularity.