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Track My Passport/Visa Collection Locations


if your visa application is approved, your passport and visa will be back to the Aramex vicinity you previously selected.

You have to gather your passport within 15 days. Aramex will hold your passport for best 15 days, after which it’ll be again to the Embassy/Consulate.

Do not come to your preferred Aramex location before you’ve got been informed by means of our services that your passport is prepared for choose up. you could most effective pick up your passport at the place you have selected.

Change Delivery Options

you could alternate your selected record shipping deal with online or thru the call center until midnight at the day of your interview appointment. there is no cost to exchange your shipping options. For drop-off service candidates, you can trade your delivery region as much as the time you drop off your software materials on the Aramex region.

We strongly suggest you now not to trade the pickup vicinity after the time restriction. Any adjustments for your preferred pickup vicinity after this time restrict will cause a put off for your passport shipping.

Check the Status of Your Visa

You can check the status of your application any time at this website:
https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx. Please wait at least 3 commercial enterprise days following your visa interview to check on the repute of your application. The system might not have up to date the popularity of your application prior to that time, and for that reason the message you receive may not replicate the real reputation of your software.

Passport Tracking Options

in case your reputation shows “origination experiment”, it manner your passport has left the Embassy or Consulate is on its manner to the delivery region you have got selected. it is but no longer to be had yet.

handiest whilst the repute suggests “prepared for choose up”, it way you can visit the Aramex region you’ve got selected to choose up your passport.

Please do not go to your delivery place in case your repute does no longer show “ready for pick up” because it means your passport has not reached its very last vacation spot for pick up.

The Embassy or the Consulate can’t help you concerning the fame of your passport transport. Please do no longer contact the Embassy or Consulate concerning the popularity of your passport transport.

Email: Send an e-mail to passportstatus@ustraveldocs.com and in the subject and/or body enter a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled. Do not include any additional text. You will receive an automatic response with the status.


Online: You can track your passport online here

Collecting Your Passport/Visa

if you chose to collect your passport/visa on the courier workplace you’ll need to visit an Aramex place for the duration of normal business hours. To discover the Aramex office nearest to you, click on right here.

Expedited Pick-up Location

Aramex has diagnosed a vicinity where you can choose up the passport at the equal day as we receive it from the Embassy or Consulate trendy. ought to you have got an emergency case or need to choose up your passport early, please select the Aramex office listed because the identical day series provider available as your select up region. Please notice that with the aid of choosing this place, you are not making use of for expedited visa processing; if you need records on expedited visa processing, please see this page.Your passport will be to be had for series once the visa is processed and the Embassy has passed it over to Aramex for transport.

Required Documents for Passport Retrieval

To collect your passport you must present your unique (not a photocopy) government-issued image identity. We propose you also deliver a broadcast replica of your appointment letter.

parents collecting passport(s) in their underneath-age youngsters (under 18) need to present all the underneath documents:

  • The figure’s government-issued picture identity. (a replica is not widely wide-spread).
  • If the mom is accumulating the passport, a replica of the own family card or start certificates of passport holder to reveal the connection with the mother.


If a representative is gathering your passport from the report series office for your behalf, even in case of family contributors, the representative should gift:

  • Their own authentic authorities-issued photograph id for identity;
  • A photocopy of your government-issued photo identification; and,
  • A letter of authority, signed by you, authorizing your consultant to accumulate your passport. The letter of authority need to incorporate the following facts:
  • Your consultant’s complete call as shown on their government-issued picture id
  • Your name
    notice: In case of a set/own family, a single letter of authority with the required records for every of the candidates might be ordinary.

If the applicant is under the age of 18, the following documents are required:

  • An original, signed letter of authority from either of the applicant’s parents;
  • A clear photocopy of the government-issued photo ID belonging to the parent who signed the applicant’s letter of authority; and,
  • The representative’s original government-issued photo ID.
  • Original legal evidence of the parental relationship (i.e. birth certificate, family card, etc.)

Note:  school groups can designate one character to collect a couple of passports for college students and teachers from their group visiting collectively. The character selecting up the passports should have a signed letter from the faculty that officially authorizes this man or woman to retrieve the passports on behalf of the group and lists the names of all the organization participants as they seem of their passports.

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