Who can become an Irish citizen?

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My parents were both born in Great Britain and so was I. Am I entitled to Irish citizenship based on my Irish grandparents? Yes, you are entitled to Irish citizenship by descent if any of your grandparents was born in Ireland, but you must first register your birth in the Foreign Births …

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How Much Does a Green Card Cost?

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In a nutshell. there are numerous methods to get a inexperienced card. In growing order of value, 3 approaches are maximum prominent: 1) A spouse or a relative inside the usacan sponsor you, 2) you may also have a activity within the U.S., in which case your corporation sponsors you …

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every year, over 400,000 US residents marry overseas-born folks and petition for them to obtain lawful everlasting house in the US. Spouses folks citizens are taken into consideration “instant spouse and children” underneath US immigration regulation and are exempt from all numerical quota boundaries. In different words, marriage to a U.S. citizen is …

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Are You Eligible For A Self-Petitioned Green Card?


On behalf of Ramos Immigration Law posted in Permanent Residency/Green Cards on Friday, February 16, 2018. Navigating the visa procedure for permission to stay and work inside the u.s. can be extraordinarily complicated and demanding. possibly you to begin with entered Colorado or another country with the assistance of a spouse or different member …

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Green Cards: Membership Has Its Privileges


If getting to live inside the u.s.a.a. is a dream, then getting a inexperienced card is like winning the lottery. In truth, to qualify for a green card, you’ve got to participate in a lottery. if you win this lottery, you do now not get 1,000,000 bucks. but, you do …

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