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Make an enquiry

Queries related to visa, citizenship, travel or trade

​Do you’ve got a query regarding visa, citizenship, travel or change, which include bringing goods inside and outside of Australia? let us help you discover the right answer:

  • Check our top questions page which incorporates a listing of the most regularly requested questions we obtain from customers.
  • If you’re trying to work out what visa you need, try our Visa Finder tool.
  • For a fast and convenient way to view and email your visa details and conditions, use VEVO or download the myVEVO app from your app store.
  • Find the answer to your query by using our webform.

Clients calling from Australia

if your question is still unanswered you may contact us on 131 881, Monday to Friday nine am to 5 pm (AEST or AWST for customers in Western Australia).

Clients calling from overseas

the new worldwide service Centre is to be had to answer queries Monday to Friday, nine am to five pm (neighborhood customer time) through calling Australia on +61 2 6196 0196 (international prices practice).

Queries about cargo support

if your query is set cargo help, including shipment clearance and ICS troubles see Cargo Support.

Attend an appointment

If you are required to visit us to attend an appointment:


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