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Australia is ranked in the top four countries to be an immigrant

Australia is ranked in the top four countries to be an immigrant, according to a new global study.

The state polled exceptionally in measures which include economic stability, income equality and job markets, which had been used to create the list compiled by using ranking company US news and world file.

Sweden, a robust social welfare state that has lengthy been considered a haven for migrants, took the pinnacle spot, accompanied by Canada, Switzerland, then Australia.

Germany rounded out the top five.


Australia has been ranked one of the best countries to be an immigrant, a new global study has found. Photo: Getty Images.

the Us fell within the scores because of its perceived financial inequality, consistent with the facts publisher.

greater than 21,000 people worldwide participated in the quality countries survey, wherein they assessed how closely they associated 80 nations with specific traits.


4 of those – “economically strong,” “right job market,” “profits equality” and “is an area i’d stay” – were covered inside the rating.

information on migrant populations from the sector bank and the United international locations become extensively utilized to determine the outcome of the rankings.

“while our method did now not consciousness on refugees in particular, it did bear in mind immigration policies and integration measures consistent with analysis from the United countries,” Deidre McPhillips, a facts reporter who helped layout the ratings, advised the Washington publish.

“Our intention with this package deal became to cognizance at the financial aspects of immigration and the affects this could have on a country’s perceived status within the international.”




Australia ranked eighth excellent usa typical inside the US information file. photo: US information and global document

ecu and North American countries ranked maximum, however, Serbia came in a long way lower at 68, whilst the Czech Republic ranked 50.

Kenya ranked lowest, carefully preceded by using Guatemala and Tunisia.

Australia ranked eighth standard in the US information first-rate countries ballot , which also considers the satisfactory of life, entrepreneurship, cultural have an effect on and journey.

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