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Airport official accused of extorting Australian journalist Dennis Freedman arrested

Australian Journalist

An airport immigration official accused of giving bribes to Australian journalist Dennis Friedman was arrested after Prime Minister Imran Khan himself stepped in to investigate the case.

After leaving Pakistan, Freedman left Pakistan, where he has been covering the Pakistani Premier League and experienced life in the country. Pakistan Super League watch on PTV Sports By PSL live streaming He uploaded a small video on social media in Melbourne, Australia, describing his run-in with an unethical immigration officer at the Alama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore.

The sports journalist described the incident as “the unfavorable side of Pakistan”, who has a large following in the country, and said a “plain clothes officer” helped him jump over the immigration line and then asked him to have how much is it.

He said in the video: “I’m going through immigration formalities. When I was in line, a soldier in plain clothes came to me and asked me to take me to the fast lane.”

“It’s a ‘Gora’ (white) card,” he said, perhaps referring to someone who sometimes enjoys “special treatment” of Caucasian origin in Pakistan.

He said: “That was a long line, so I used it. Two seconds later, my passport was stamped. Then he took me through the airport lounge, sat down and sat down, and asked me to Ask for money. ”

Friedman claims that he gave the money relentlessly to officials.

The reporter acknowledged that he had only handed in a few dollars of rupees at the time, but he regretted doing so because he thought it was corrupt.

Friedman has said that he does not want airport officials to cause him trouble, adding that next time he will report such behavior to anti-corruption authorities.

“I don’t want this person to be fired. I don’t want him to get into trouble. What I want is to get some education. I made a mistake, but if I can persist, the best solution is to say no,” he said.

He also told Pakistani fans “Please don’t apologize or feel embarrassed about this guy’s behavior. It’s not you who do it.”

Action in accordance with PM Imran’s instructions
After the incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the matter with relevant civil aviation officials.

Officials started an investigation and successfully found the suspect with the help of CCTV footage.

Officials said they had suspended the issuance of an entry permit to a suspect, who apparently worked for a private company operating in the airport’s CIP lounge.

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